Do you need to run your own market, and you have no idea? Consider something like franchise.

Franchise is a possibility to have store under the global-known brand. It’s used by the world’s biggest brand, so it’s worth to consider business to franchise permit.

Own store, even though the franchise carried out under someone else’s brand is one of the best methods to high earnings. And very importantly, the risk of loss in that possessed own economic prowess is lesser with the franchise. That we hear about the franchise webs, usually we connect them with popular restaurants such as KFC or Dominos. These companies actually operate on the market as a franchise brand, in the end are the giants of this market, by the way, global-known franchise marks is substantially more.



By purchasing the licence franchise we decide to conduct business at their own risk, however still under the banner of the franchisor. Global-known brand is intended to encourage more clients and significantly reduce the risk of bankruptcy. Decide to cooperate on a franchise basis, (SFA system) both parties sign the agreement imposes mutual obligations. The main responsibility of mentioned franchisor is licensing the mark and the transfer of knowledge about starting the store on a permanent basis throughout the length of the agreement and the main thing of the franchisee is to follow a common web-wide rules for carrying business and paying franchise fees.

Another thing is to have good logistic and in that case good way is to invest in direct store delivery. Franchise isn’t just about selling the right to use the ss7 firewall vendors logo or trademark, it is about the entire networkof doing business. The sentence “system” is the key to understanding the principles of business grounded on the franchise- Direct Store Delivery. Receiver licence may in fact have from the giver licensing networkand systematic care – training for himself and crew on marketing campaigns to help the sale or know-how for the industry for example acquaintance about the specifics of billing and accounting.

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For this help provide the franchisee franchisor so first fee for granting a license and then – for the length of the statement – to pay the donor a certain percentage of their turnover. This finances is used to bonus the entire net and serve all receivers a licence – they are allocated among on marketing research, progress of fresh products and adv campaigns. Composing it with direct store delivery is the greatest method.

To sum up: the franchisee uses in its business exp, knowledge and ways upgrading by the donor permit.