Nice vacations in central Asia

At the start of new year, we’re perhaps tired of winter, and we are longing for warmer days. In that case, finest option is to start planning future vacations in any interesting place.

central asia trips

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Right now we have plenty of options to select, thanks to cheap airline carriers, that are available for Polish travelers. Since this year, we may even visit central Asia, using their offers.

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Aral Sea tour

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If you have never been to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, central Asia trips are really good decision. Cause those states canceled visa for Polish travelers from this year, therefore a lot of travel offices are offering us cheap holidays in there. Also, you may arrange whole trip on your own, using flights from small airline carriers. To be sure your central Asia trips will be in the best price, you should reserve air ticket at the start of year. You do not have to be worry about accommodation, cause rooms in Kazakhstan are much cheaper then in our country. Also, you may book it online, with common, international webpage.
You are probably thinking, what you can see in this spot? First of all, you need to try Aral sea tour, available in many hotels in Uzbeksitan and Turkmenistan. This use to be huge lake, but because of climate changes, it is getting smaller every year. You have to try Aral Sea tour at the moment, before it isn’t too late. Another nice attraction in middle of Asia is desert, which is spread trough almost 1/3 part of this area. In there, you will be able to see deepest canyon in Asia and observe rare species of wildlife into national parks. Even metropolis in local countries are really nice, thanks to Social realism architecture.

If you have never been to middle of Asia, you have to do that this year, since this option became more affordable. Travel agencies and airline carriers are providing nice deals, when you decide to book your trip couple months ahead.